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hopkins hospital. showers tonight. now, topper is tracking the forecast for your morning commute. want to stop working? we crunched the numbers for you. find out precisionly how much you need to save to say goodbye to your job. this is 9news now. he was known as a dedicated son, but tonight paul is dead after killing his mother and taking his own life. >> police say just before the apparent murder/suicide, he also opened fire on his mother's surgeon. tonight we now learn that cohen is out of surgery. he's in stable condition. he's expected to be okay. officers believe pardus pulled out the gun and fired a shot after becoming emotionally distraught about news on his mother's condition. his mother underwent spinal surgery but it allegedly left
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her paralyzed. >> it was totally unexpected. you come to the hospital for help or whatever and find out somebody is in there shooting. it totally puts you -- makes you think what is really going on. >> the hospital staff says pardus was known to him as warren davis. he lived with his mother where neighbors say he was a loving son whose life revolved around his mother's care. that's where gary nurenberg picks up the story and joins us live. >> reporter: this has become a sea of disbelief how neighbors wonder why a man so clearly close to his mother took his life. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: she lives next to. he used the mother's last name at time and was known as warren davis. >> he was always there for her. if she had to go in an ambulance or anything, he rode with her. he never left her side. and i told her when she was
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walking out, she had a great son. this is just hard to believe. it's really hard. >> reporter: neighbors say he kept to himself but saw him now and then at church services just up the street. in her illness, he tried to give his mother a good quality of life. >> he had called about two months ago and wanted to know if i knew an address that would come because she wasn't able to come out but he wanted somebody to come to the house. so that was the kind of person he was. he didn't seem to know a lot of the neighbors. but he didn't bother anybody and he worked every day and just seemed like a decent person who was trying to deal with his mother. >> reporter: neighbors helped. she sometimes became confused wandering the streets in heavy winter clothes on hot summer days until neighbors would walk her home. >> he was a really gentle person. he tried to take care of her, you know. he didn't really try -- he wasn't a mean person at all. not from what i seen from him at least, you know. he was a gentle soul. but i really -- i mean, i don't
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believe it. it's hard to believe. >> reporter: he gave her as much time as he could neighbors say but had to work during the day as a metro access driver and asked neighbors to keep an eye on his mom. we asked the neighbors what is the one thing we should tell our viewers about them. the one answer we got repeatedly tell them that he really loved his mom. derek and anita. a teenager is dead after a shooting. police found the boy just before 7:00 right near the prince george's and montgomery county line. emergency crews took him to the hospital where he later died. right now officers are looking for at least two suspects in this. no word yet on what sparked the deadly shooting. we all know traffic around here can be a headache. but can you imagine tacking on another two hours to your commute? well, that is what some are saying will happen around i395 when a brand new defense building opens its doors. tonight dozens came out to talk
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about the potential traffic disaster and our own brittany morehouse was there who joins us live now from alexandria. brittany. >> reporter: well, that meeting was held at a military school -- at a middle school right off seminary road. and that defense building it's required by law, passed by congress in 2005, so it has to be built. where it was going to be built, that was under question. they looked at several spots. they looked even at delmar. this spot fit the requirement. when he said that, everyone in the room just laughed. >> to put it in anyway to this situation is an insult to intelligence. >> reporter: and that is just speaker one standing in a group of people. this is a military building at the marxen ter in alexandria. it will -- marks center in
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alexandria. many people in this room are asking what will it do to our traffic? >> that is a huge, huge problem. because there is really no easy way to get in there. >> reporter: tonight's public hearing held by congressman gen moran allowed people to ask questions. >> have those who participated in passing it been removed from this project? by now the building is one year away from completion. >> i see some folks over here with save the preserve, and i would just like to. [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: most notably the botanical preserve that would be ruined by a proposed ramp. >> right now they're saying it's off the table. and that's good to hear that. >> reporter: so why then are people still so upset? >> because they don't believe that the transportation alternatives will really address
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the congestion. i think that there has been a kind of a history of wondering whether or not we can trust or believe what has been sort of promised. >> reporter: i'll tell you what is promised. they did say that they will reduce the number of parking spots at the defense building from 4,000 to 1,000. hopefully deterring people from taking their cars, taking public transportation and alleviating some of that traffic on 395. reporting live in alexandria, brittany morehouse, 9news now. we have got some severe thunderstorms on the way. chief meteorologist topper shutt is in the 9 forecast first weather center. top. >> you know, it's kind of a counterintuitive attempts have been posted for frederick county and maryland and in virginia. the panhandle of west virginia. in hagerstown, pretty good thunderstorm now. around 81 between hagerstown and williamsport. everything is pushing off now to the north and east headed
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towards smithburg. i think in the immediate metro area we're good for a couple of hours. we'll come back and talk about where the storms are going to head. we'll have your wakeup ether shortly. back to you. so what happened behind the wheel? that is the question police in district heights are happening after a crash left three people dead and an ambulance split apart. >> i'm shocked. he's not supposed to be dead right now. he's really not. >> the violent wrecked happened in the 5600-block of marlboro pike earlier this morning. emmanuel jones was the driver that hit the ambulance. the suv only came to a stop after it hit a brick wall. >> that vehicle traveling that excessive rate of speed was on top of them. >> jones was traveling with his cousin, 22-year-old andre watley and friend tony burney. all three men were killed. the men in the ambulance were not hurt. no patients were being transported at the time of the wreck. police are still investigating
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whether alcohol or speed played a factor in this violent crash. tonight a major development in that series of off-campus armed robberies right near the university of maryland. police arrested 19-year-old turner jau of silver spring after they say he used a credit card stole in one of the crimes. you can see him on this surveillance camera footage using one of those cards inside a convenience store. they turned up even more evidence when they searched his home. the students are relieved. they say the crimes had escalated since they started heading back to school. >> it is a relieve that the thieves are getting caught and the police are doing their jobs. that makes the whole campus safer. >> i just hope it doesn't happen to me. that's pretty much all i can say. >> i guess we can understand that. he has now been charged with armed street robbery. he's been held without bail while police look for other suspects. so, have you ever been tempted to want to make a copy of one of the new blu-ray dvd.
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you can't because there is a code that prevents it from being copied. >> that has been hacked. we'll tell you what that means for the movie industry and move re lovers. >> reporter: we searched the webs and within seconds we got our hands on the code. it looks like gibberish. it has cryptic instructions. but to the right person. >> it is the key to the kingdom. >> reporter: it's a cyber security expert that say programmers could create hardware anyone can use to copy blu-rays. >> it just might be as easy as using dvr. they will rip the blu-ray and file sharing site and then tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people will download or extremely stream that content. >> reporter: patrick roth at the copyright alliance says when people start making copies of blu-rays, it will devastate the movie industry. >> pension funds, health care funds for the carpenters, for the makeup artists, for the cost assume workers. all of those are funded by dfrd sales. >> reporter: it's i will he
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will -- dvd sales. >> reporter: it's illegal to make copies but some might risk the consequences. >> i can take the movie i'm watching. i can record if from my ipod and laptop. >> reporter: the industry is already sensing format frustrations and offering a solution. >> i buy the three pack. a dvd, blu-ray and a code. >> reporter: is that indeed the correct code? >> it is. >> reporter: intel is the company that created the code to protect blu-rays. >> they would have to use the code to manufacture a computer chip and build that into some kind of a box or a device. and that would be a very difficult and very costly. >> reporter: but he says if someone used the code to offer movies for free, they'll take legal action. in washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> now, according to a study by the institute for policy inno
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vashtion the motion pick -- innovation, the motion picture lost $6.1 billion because of piracy. in fact a few years ago they found a way to record dvd. they used a black marker to prevent people from making a copy. still ahead tonight, stop working and start relaxing. we cruncheled the numbers and we'll -- crunched the numbers and we'll show you precisely how much you need to save to just walk away. plus your parents always said don't play in traffic. now this baby shows us why. that is coming up. topper. >> here in northwest, no storms. big storms out to the west of us. we'll track them for you. i would keep this handy. we'll take you out with wakeup weather. in morning pretty good shape. maybe clouds for high schoolers. temperatures 63-73 and mild. we'll come back. we'll talk about the weekend forecast and put the finishing touches on that and more on
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hurricane igor. stay tuned. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere.
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♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! tonight some important money news for anyone looking to retire one day. i think we would all like to. we start with the fact that 75% of us are not saving enough. we have goals but don't know how much we really need to save for our golden years.
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>> so in tonight's special report, retirement 101. we break down the numbers. ♪ music playing >> reporter: you've invested a lifetime into your job. and when you retire, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. >> i want to spend my retirement cruising. >> doing absolutely nothing on the beach would be okay. >> i want to do nothing. >> reporter: unfortunately, for most of us, retirement is on life support. >> the numbers are daunting. i think numbers are cruel. >> reporter: carry is a personal fitness editor who sees it every day. >> a number i heard recently was the average american only has $60,000 saved for retirement. that is shocking. >> reporter: minimally, here is what you'll need. say you want to live on $50,000 a year. you better have $1,250,000 saved. >> wow. >> reporter: think you need 75 grand to get by? then you better have 1
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$1,875,000 away. >> that is about 875,000 more than i thought i would need. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: if you're a high roller wanting 100 to $200,000 a year to finance your retirement dream, make sure you have 2.5-$5 million on standby. and if you're looking to social security to fill in the blanks, here is a reality check. if you retire between now and the year 2035, the most you can expect to get is 24 to $42,000 a year. yep. the numbers are cruel. so put down that latte and start saving. >> and just in case you're counting on that ira or 401 k, what is in that account is not what you'll get because you'll still have to pay taxes on that money. remember, you saved it pretax. so if you go to our website, look under our extra section. we've got some calculators in
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there and it will help show you how much you need to save every month based on your age to get the retirement of your dreams. then tomorrow morning at 6:12, out with the old and in with the new. we're going to introduce you to people who have ditched the grime but have their dream jobs. they keep right on working making the living. the do's and don'ts of a second career act. look at this caught on tape in turkey. nail biting moments when a curious baby crawled out on to a busy highway. police say the little boy was taking a nap outside with his mother. apparently woke up and somehow decided to wander into traffic without her knowing. a truckdriver noticed the child, alerted other drivers to slow down and thankfully the child was not hurt before being rescued. back here at home, wine lovers will be in for a treat in leesburg this weekend. the annual wine festival will kick off on saturday at bull run regional park. if you want more information or for other stories from where you live, go to find your community in our new
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feature where you live and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. if you have a story or a news tip, we want to hear it from you and contact us and be part of the news team. >> also this weekend go a little farther and the blue mont fair is on saturday and sunday. >> it's the renaissance fair. lots of stuff. >> i wandered out for some dinner in my short sleeves and i looked outside the restaurant. pouring. >> yes. >> pretty much all because you washed your car [ laughing ] . let's start with titan. look at all of the lightning to the west of us between martinsburg and hagerstown. it's not really warm. it doesn't have to be warm to have thunderstorms. we have a vigorous trough of low pressure pushing through. these are going to continue to march through the east and south. let's look at live doppler. can you access this on our website at this would be a good time to have the weather app on your
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iphone. the storms are going to dissipate a little bit. they can still be fairly hefty in towards leesburg and parts of loudoun county. but i think by the time they get to the district, they will have dissipated a little bit. at least not be severe anymore. but in the meantime you folks can expect some small hail and winds up to 60 miles an hour. now, where are they going to roll in the next hour we'll put this into motion. going to roll in between winchester. here it is in leesburg. it will dissipate a little bit as it heads towards gaithersburg and gown to the belted way. -- down to the beltway. let's go to the computer. next three days we salvage a great day. mostly sunny, low 80s. low 80s on saturday. low 80s on sunday. yes, we have a cloud. we have a drop. don't panic, the tailgate with be fine and the game will be fine. tomorrow becoming partsly cloudy and 70. 79 by lunch time. and 83 by evening with sunshine.
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so grab the sunglasses. leave the umbrella at home. overnight decreasing clouds. lows in the 60s. by afternoon, a fabulous finish to the week. partly cloudy and mild. 60s and 70s. and winds northwest at ten. and then by afternoon, wow, mostly sunny and warm. high temps low 80s. and winds continue northwesterly at about ten. all right. here is igor. does not look good for bermuda. they have now posted a hurricane watch for bermuda. and by late sunday, early sunday evening, it could be a category three with 115-mile per hour winds. now, that said, most of the structures are limestone and concrete. the last time they had one go through in '03, there was folks without power for weeks. does not look good. a sprinkle or a shower possible. it could occur during the game. not going to affect the game. nice on monday. a wee bit cooler. then we're back in the 80s on tuesday and upper 80s on wednesday and thursday just in
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time for fall to arrive. it will feel a bit more like summer. >> yes, it will. thanks, top. right after the break, we have the redskins stuff and this week's edition of the good, the bad and the ugly. america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs.
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wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> well, the measure of a great season for an nfl running back is 1,000 yards rushing. how nervous should the redskins be since the guy they're facing is a quarter of the way there. his name is arian foster. is he playing for the texans. he has only played in seven nfl games in his life but he sure didn't look like it last week against colts against whom he radeled off 231 yards and three touchdowns on 33 carries. how do the redskins plan to stop that? >> he doesn't play around.
11:24 pm
he's a guy that sees that hole and he exploits it and he hits it. doesn't dance. hits it. a hard-nosed runner. >> he doesn't tackle. we're going to have to tackling the guy because he really runs hard. >> we gave him an opportunity last year and made plays. he's continued to do that. he's a great running back. runs hard. one cut and he's downhill. >> today was clinton portis's first chance to speak regarding foot in mouth regarding women reporters. you can see he kept his mouth taped shut. he held up a bunch of signs. one says no comment. one says god bless you. one says have a good day. you can see the skins and texans. preceded by the ravens and bengals who kick off at 1:00. although we are obliged to tell you that according to nfl rules, we cannot leave the ravens game until it is over. we could miss the start of the
11:25 pm
redskins game. again, it's not our call and hopefully it won't happen at all. we're waiting to see the capitals back on the ice since their stunning first loss against the canadiens. they are ready to erase some bad memories. >> it still stinks. we try to use that as a motivating factor and come back to camp with a level of intensity. >> it was a long summer for us. little too long. and i know as far as myself and a lot of the other guys, we're ready to get going this year. >> good to have the capitals back. and with that we bring you the latest installment of the excellent and not so excellent in the world of sports. it is the good, the bad and the ugly for september 15th. we start with the good. best snag by a first baseman. look at the padres on adrian gonzalez here. he goes between the legs. >> whoa. >> now, i'm not sure why he
11:26 pm
didn't back hand that ball. >> right. >> the regular way. >> show it off. >> it worked. >> it wouldn't make news if he did it the regular way. this spin. the penalty kick initially saved. look at the ball. it has some english on it. the goalie is not paying attention and it spins over the line. >> oh, look at that. >> look at the forward. he says that ought to count and he says you bet it does. that's a goal. best thief re. scott podsednik went down there. some fan switched caps with him. they're sneaky out in southern california. you have to watch them guys. let's go to the bad. the finish had given us a lot of good things in the goal celebrating department. this one is no good, though. it's a lady gaga routine. one buy puts up the blond wig. >> oh, no. >> not even close to as good as the flopping fish.
11:27 pm
>> no. >> which was also from finland. try again. >> that was weak. >> worst touch around the green. charlie at the bmw. he wants to get out. he does. but not so much. i would say, topper, he did not materially improve his lies. >> he nailed it. >> wait a second. >> he flushed it. >> it's congressional. >> i know. he's a pro, though. here is the ugly. worst advertisement. the guys at polo ralph lauren who paid a lot of money until that guy tripped over that because he's not a polo man. finally worst experience sitting in the front row. this guy in toronto who wound up with the ball in his nose. >> oh. >> and he was on a date. and unfortunately it didn't end the way he hoped it would end. >> he's laughing. >> not when the date is laughing at you. >> ouch.
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that is 9news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> letterman is next. have a good one. we will see you back here tomorrow night. 3q are you suffering from frequent heartburn? try new zegerid otc. it's the first 24-hour treatment with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient so it's effectively absorbed. for 24-hour relief, try dual-ingredient zegerid otc.
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